One to One / Rehab Camps in Spain.

Tailor made for you

Our One to One camps and drug and alcohol rehabs in Spain are available throughout the year for teenagers and adults the dates will be arranged with the mutual agreement of both parties. They are designed for teenagers and adults who may have difficulty in group situations or for those who may have specific issues and would prefer a more individual approach.

The One to One Camps and drug/alcohol rehabs is an opportunity for your young person to experience a "detox retreat" and disconnect from the modern world. It is not an activity holiday and no activities are included.

All One to One Camps are "back to basics" whereby your young person will be completely away from all of life's modern distractions (i.e., mobile phones, computers, electricity, etc). Your young person will start to learn basic life skills and coping mechanisms for the outside world. They will have their own private outdoor space which is used for sleeping and reflection.

blue swimming pool near brown wooden fence during daytime
blue swimming pool near brown wooden fence during daytime

Therapeutic Work

I will tailor the therapeutic work to the individuals needs and the many complicated issues that they may be experiencing. The therapeutic work takes place throughout the day, every day.
I will work exclusively with your young person and no other young person will attend at the same time. I will be in attendance with your young person from the moment they arrive until the time they leave.

The therapeutic work is mostly Person Centred based and I use aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt, Solution Focused and also Brief Therapy depending upon the individuals personal issues and their participation in one-to-one sessions.

The verbal therapeutic work will provide your young person with the tools to enable them to understand themselves (and their present position within family, peer groups and social settings) so that they are eventually able to resolve their own issues. Non verbal therapy is also widely used in the forms of art, music, stonework, creative writing etc. if needed.

Daily exercise and a healthy diet can do amazing things for the body and whilst on the retreat your young person will enjoy plenty of fresh air and outdoor exercise.

and breathe neon sign on tre
and breathe neon sign on tre

Prices and availability

PRICE FOR "ONE TO ONE CAMPS and Drug/Alcohol rehabs in SPAIN "

£3200.00 per week and additional days can be added at an additional cost of £500.00 per day (full or part).


Written Report @ £320.00

Please note that this price does NOT include flight or travel costs or any other costs incurred by yourselves to get your young person to and from Spain.


It may be possible to accommodate your young person at short notice, please contact us to discuss.

If you would like for your young person to be considered for a place on a One to One Camp or a drug and alcohol rehab in Spain then please complete the online Application Form.

One to One Camps and Drug/Alcohol Rehabs in Spain - minimum 7 days.

Your young person will be required to engage in a free 15 min online Skype consultation to assess if they will be suitable for the intervention.

Additional help before and after the retreat is available via Skype Online Consultancy Sessions (please see the Skype Online" page for details) to ensure appropriate support mechanisms for when they return to their home environment.

If you have any questions please see FAQs page. Contact us on our contact page

All places are subject to suitability, availability and Terms and Conditions.

International Telephone number

+34 711017578

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green trees across houses photo