Welcome to Teencamps-UK

Here at Teencamps-UK we have been helping 100's of families with teenagers and young adults since 2008. We understand that at times families can feel lost and hopeless with their teenagers or young adults today, at home. Families don't know where to turn for help, support or advice in how to parent and obtain a better relationship with their young person.

We also understand that it may also be a difficult time for your teenager or young adult in that they feel their parents don't know what it's like for them and that their parents don't understand them.

We provide a number of different services to support you as a parent, family and your teenagers.

See below for the full list of what we offer.

I am an experienced Family Therapist with over 24 years of experiences that understands both the young person and the parents.

teencampsuk help teens and famliys
teencampsuk help teens and famliys

My Book

I am one of the UK's leading professional teen behavioural therapists and have over 24 years experience of working with teenagers, young adults and their families in various roles.

I wrote this book to give help, practical information and advice to families who are struggling with their young person.

In 2007 I researched therapeutic behavioural programmes in the UK and Europe and discovered that there were none so in 2008 I set up Teencamps-UK, which I personally run.

my book for families with teenagers
my book for families with teenagers

Our Services

We specialise in working with teenagers and their families.

Teen group camps in the UK.

One to One camps in the UK & Spain.

Online Skype sessions.

We have helped hundreds of families with teenagers since 2008. Testimonials

newspaper write up in the sun
newspaper write up in the sun

About Teencamps-UK

At Teencamps-UK, we believe in the power of nature and outdoors to facilitate healing and personal development. We are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to explore their emotions, build resilience, and develop essential life skills. Through our tailored programs, we aim to help participants overcome personal challenges, improve their mental well-being and discover their true potential.

Unlock Your Teens Potential, Embrace the Outdoors.